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Everything You Need To Know About Phoenix Tears CBD and RSO

Phoenix Tears is actually the most concentrated form of Cannabis Extract. They have other names RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), FECO (Fully extracted cannabis oil) which are more common in the Cannabis market. In the unorganised market, they are sold as just hash oil. But all of them are same in the properties and have the same medicinal effect on the consumer. It’s a common consensus among the cannabis experts the phoenix tears cbd is the most potent extract ever produced or extracted.

Who is Rick Simpson?

The terms Phoenix tears and Rick Simpson Oil are always used interchangeably. It’s always inquisitive to know about the history of the product you are using. Questions like, who came up with the idea first? And if you know about the person and processes, your confidence to use the particular product just boosts up automatically. If you talk about Rick Simpson, then he is a very well known medical professional and world-famous cannabis activist who first produced this high potency cannabis oils. He goes on to claim that this oil can cure cancer if taken with properly. There are so many cannabis experts and scientists who have also researched on the effects and defects of cannabis have termed Simpson’s findings ‘ambiguous’.  Critics say that homemade phoenix tears cbd can be very harmful to human health, as it contains bulk residual solvents.

The silver lining

Many scientists around the globe have been critical of Rick Simpson’s approach of using cannabis extract oil also known phoenix tears and Rick Simpson’s oil. And there is no denying of the fact that there are flaws in his approach, and his statement of its curative properties as well. But all of his claims and finding are based on truth. That gives hope for the future. The work certainly needs more furnishing, more research, and more stringer base to conclude anything but there is an avenue open in front of the medical fraternity, who are working tirelessly to find something which has anti-cancer properties. Though Ricks Simpson’s phoenix tears cbd is yet to prove its effectiveness on humans; when it comes to anti-cancer properties. But the results of animal testing are very promising and have given positive results. Mr Rick Simpson has definitely managed to open the door of an avenue which finishes on hope. Probably this is the best time that scientists around the world launch a more integrated research project, leaving behind professional enmities. Maybe phoenix tears cbd is that answer.


Chris Mckinney